Why is learning music important?

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Children's Concert by George Iakovidis

“Music is an element that should be part and parcel of every child’s life via the education system.”

- Victoria Wood

Music has become part of the education system as studies have shown it helps in developing better learning skills in other subjects as well. Children experiencing music learning of singing, listening and moving, brings benefits as they progress into more formal learning.

The right brain mainly controls creative and intuitive thinking. The left brain mainly controls logic, mathematics and language. In learning music, a child uses both sides of their brain simultaneous, i.e. the right and left side, the parts of the brain which controls motor skills, audio information and memory. And, not only at times that the speed required needs to be as fast as possible but played with various dynamic level and interpretation, which requires critical thinking. The piece could be a very technically demanding work as well.

With work, the speed, motor skill and interpretation that were practised consciously become a subconscious act. Slow, repetitive practice with correct interpretation would be needed which requires discipline, allocate daily practice time, aim, focus and cultivates a sense of achievement once it done.

The child then would use this planning and discipline into areas of the school work.

Learning music requires playing in a group, duets, ensemble etc. Some who do enjoy playing may take the initiative to form an ensemble and perform in various venues and be paid for it. This develops skills like resilience, risk-taking, discipline and throws in some business planning.

This teaches the traits needed to face the challenges in the adult working world – “…creativity, critical thinking, the ability to collaborate and various social skills.”

There are many benefits in learning music for the mind and body. Learning music not only cultivates mental and physical discipline, but, gives joy and pleasure to the performer and listeners.


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