To learn or not to learn music?

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Why learn or why not learn, has to deal with acquired reaction. And, “… education is in reality but one prolonged endeavour to substitute acquired reactions for native ones…”

Learning any instrument is basically, replacing a natural posture with one that needs to be ‘acquired’ to accommodate in playing an instrument e.g. violin, piano etc.

In introducing the sitting posture to a beginner on the first lesson, requires a few attempts, as the placing the hands, with fingers curved on the keyboard, is a position and posture not encountered in other daily activities.   This in itself is about discipline, concentration and control which are applicable to all discipline.

Findings have shown that the study of music contributes to the development of the brains as shown in the following figure:

Learning an instrument helps with the development of both the left and right brain activity, which involves logical thinking and analysis as well as using the imagination all at one go.

Learning an instrument is not only about physiology and psychology but involves social aspect of life. It helps in communicating and being able to express ones’ self. 

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