Instruments of the Orchestra

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Learning any instruments cultivates discipline, concentration, learning to
express one’s self clearly, and appreciation of the arts, nature and many other
aspects of life.

The Classical orchestra is made up of the Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and
Strings. LS Music Sdn Bhd carries various instruments of the orchestra.
In the earlier time of history of music in Malaysia, the piano at a time was the
most popular instrument to learn in households. As the music world
developed here, interest in the other instruments were shown.

This article is on the Woodwind instruments of the orchestra. In earlier times
of history, of course the instruments were made of wood. Now, these
instruments are made of metal. The standard Woodwind section of the
orchestra is usually made up of the flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. The
other woodwind instruments are piccolo, bass clarinet, contrabassoon etc.
To get some knowledge of the history of the Yamaha woodwind instrument,
the following site will be an interesting reading:


400/300/200 Series

A lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability.




Durable plastic oboe designed for the beginner student

Clarinet in Bb


Student Bb Clarinet



Custom Bassoons with thinner body wall.

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