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Guitar classes are very popular. From young children to adults like to learn to play.  Choosing a good guitar is important, just as choosing proper quality strings to suit a beginners of all ages or experienced players.

Quoting a review done by CMUSE, an organisation that does Music Instrument Reviews on brands says clearly of the Yamaha products:

“If you want to get some special and top quality guitar, then Yamaha is the right choice. Since Yamaha is definitely among the top brand names in the whole world of musical instruments, it is quite safe to get their guitars.”

Yamaha  guitars come in all types and sizes for the different framed students: children to adults.

There a many models on sale. Below are just a few:




The CS 40 is ¾ sized instruments to suit children, and it is the standard model given to young beginners. Nylon strings are used as these would be easier on the fingers than the steel strings.
F/FX Series
L- Series
A- Series
These other models are used by the older beginner.

There are the Yamaha Guitar Method books that come in two-volumes to guide on the learning and performance technique.

There are famous guitarists who only use Yamaha guitars e.g. James Black, Joe Bonamassa, Shon Boublil, Keb Mo, Jason Todd and many more are listed under Yamaha Artists.

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