Every child can play musically

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Every child can play musically. That’s why a teacher‘s role is important. This is a
simple believe and conviction which Suzuki had.

If a child can speak his mother tongue, he or she can learn anything
effectively. And playing an instrument comes under this criterion.
If a mother is going to teach her child who is just starting to talk to pronounce
the word ‘mother’, she will repeat it until it is done correctly. Take it at her
child’s pace of learning. Some take quicker and some do take a little longer.
This would be the philosophy behind Suzuki’s view.

Teaching to play an instrument should not only be the main motive. Above all,
they must be taught to play musically, and, this is only possible if the teaching
is careful and effective.

I am convinced by Shinichi Suzuki Ability Development from Age Zero, the
mother tongue approach is very effective. He simply believes that if a child can
speak their mother tongue well, they should be able to learn to play an
instrument musically.

The word talent and musically are not the same. Some are indeed born with
talent, e.g. present child prodigies: Alisa Sadikova, Rykkvin, Alma Deutscher,
Kevin Chen etc. etc.

For the other normal children, they can be taught to play musically. It is the
matter of the child’s learning pace.
If the teaching is effective, every child can learn.

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