Basic Approach to Teaching

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In the initial stages of learning, the teaching is important but as the level ascends the learning process is crucial.

Basic Approach to Teaching

  1.  Demonstrate. (To demonstrate or not to demonstrate: the pros and cons)
  2.  Explain.
  3.  Teach.
  4. Test.
  5. Repeat, if and when necessary.
  6.  Allocate exercises.

“It is a good rule never to tell them anything we can make them tell us, and never to do for them what they could do for themselves.”

Questions to  ask one self

  1.  Did the student genuinely understand what was being taught?

  2.  Telling or questioning. Telling requires no thinking on the part of the student. Questioning makes the student think.

  1.  Is the student acquiring the ability to be independent?

  2.  Is the student above all thinking?


How much can be taught in a lesson is very important. Each child learns at their own pace, so this understanding of how much a child can absorb in a lesson allows the teacher to teach at the student’s pace.

The subject is serious but a light approach in presenting what is being taught would motivate any student to learn.

Teaching Maxims

One Thing at the Time
From the known to the unknown
The sound before the sign

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